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Mitsubishi Model NSX-2100V

Total Nitrogen / Sulfur / Halogen (Chlorine) Analyzer
with Vertical Furnace

Model NSX-2100V sets the new standard in Nitrogen /Sulfur and Halogen (Chlorine) Analysis. The NSX-2100V can simultaneously measure Nitrogen (CMD) and Sulfur (UVF) from 20 ppb to 10,000 ppm. Add the TRU-100 (Trap & Release) and lower your detection limit of sulfur to 5 ppb. Add the Microcoulometric Detector (MCD) and measure both Sulfur and Chlorine by Oxidative Combustion Microcoulometry. Add any of our five Gas Injector Systems to measure Nitrogen, Sulfur and Halogens (Chlorine) in Gases and LPG. The NSX-2100V follows ASTM, EN, ISO and JIS Methods protocols. The NSX-2100V large dynamic range, flexibility and versatility make it the ultimate Total Nitrogen, Sulfur and Halogen (Chlorine) analyzer.

Mitsubishi Model NSX2100V


NSX-2100V Elemental Analyzer System

  • Improved performance Sulfur, Nitrogen by dedicated system
  • Modular configuration for N/S/X analysis
  • Open/close furnace for fast/easy daily check
  • Fully automated software to shut down
  • Less running cost (gas, electric)
  • Measure Total Nitrogen, Sulfur and Chlorine with one instrument
  • Simultaneous Measurement of Nitrogen (CMD) and Sulfur (UVF)

  • Total Nitrogen by Reduced Pressure Chemiluminescence (CMD)
    o 30 ppb – 5,000 ppm (Hydrocarbon)
    o 10 ppb – 5,000 ppm (Aqueous)

  • Total Sulfur by Ultraviolet Fluorescence (UVF)
    o 20 ppb – 10,000 ppm (Hydrocarbon)
    o 5 ppb – 1 ppm with optional TRU-100 (Trap & Release)

  • Total Chlorine and Sulfur by Oxidative Combustion Microcoulometry (MCD)

    o Chlorine
    - 0.01 – 50 ug Chloride
    - 50 ppb MDL

    o Sulfur
    - 0.05 – 50 ug Sulfur
    - 100 ppb MDL

  • 50-Position XYZ Liquid Autosampler

  • GI-100, GI-220, GI-230, GI-240 and GI-300 Gas/LPG Samplers

NSX2100V options

Vertical Furnace VF-210 :

  • Best configuration for liquid and gas.
  • Open/close furnace
  • Mass flow control
  • Easy use software
  • Full automation with stand-by to shut down

Sulfur Detector SD-210 :

  • Conform to ASTM D5453 D6667 and D7183
  • Fast analysis, 3min
  • Temp. controlled cell
  • Lower limit :20 ppb.
  • 40% reduced gas usage
  • 2 range, easy to use
  • Simultaneous operation with Nitrogen detector

Nitrogen Detector ND-210 :

  • Conform to ASTM D5762, D4629, D6069, D7184 and D5176
  • Improved lower limit: Oil: 30 ppb. Aqueous: 10ppb.
  • Oil free diaphragm vacuum pump
  • 2 range, easy to use
  • Water, seawater applicable

Microcoulometric Detector MCD-210 :

  • Improved recovery and stability
  • Chlorine: 50ppb
  • Sulfur: 100 ppb

Liquid Sample Changer ASC-250L :

  • 50 liquid samples
  • Up to 200ul injection
  • 2,4,6 ml sample vial
  • Option for cooling (RT-15°C) or heating up to 60°C

Constant rate injector CRI-210V :

  • Micro syringe of 25, 50, 100 or 250µL
  • Up to 200uL injection

Gas Injector GI-210 :

  • Connection of liquid injector and gas injector in parallel
  • 10ml gas.
  • Safe for flammable gas handling

Gas Injector GI-220 :

  • Connection of liquid injector and gas injector in parallel
  • 25 -100ml gas.
  • Auto syringe pump
  • Configurable inj. speed.
  • Safe for flammable gas handling

NSX2100V specs

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