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ProSphere™ Anion Exchange HPLC Columns

A complete selection for life science applications

For more than 30 years, Alltech has been manufacturing products for the chromatography industry and delivering superior technical support and customer service.

Alltech’s family of ProSphere ™ HPLC columns continues that tradition and now provides solutions for life science professionals. Whether you analyze amino acids, proteins, polypeptides, or nucleotides, Alltech has the liquid chromatography column to address your demanding life science separation needs.

Because biological samples are diverse and complex, Alltech ProSphere ™ is available with a variety of chemistries that take advantage of different biomolecular properties to achieve your desired separation.

 Alltech ProSphere TM Anion Exchange Columns include both strong and weak anion exchangers. The selectivity and efficiency of the materials deliver superior ion-exchange separation of a wide variety of negatively-charged biomolecules. The choice of strong and weak exchangers gives you flexibility to modify the pH or strength of the buffer salt to adjust your separation. The high resolution or “HR” version of the strong exchanger is packed with smaller particles for even higher resolution and speed. The non-porous WAX-NP column is used for fast analyses and for micro-scale preparative isolations.

  • Use anion exchange for proteins, peptides, amino acids, DNA, RNA, organic acids
  • pH range 2-12

Packing Functional Group Counter Ion pKa Exclusion Limit, PEG (D A) Capacity MG BSA/mL
P-SAX-HR Polyamine Cl - 9.4 5,000,000 70
P-SAX Trimethylamino Cl - 12.2 1,000,000 100
P-WAX DEAE Cl - 11.5 1,000,000 30
P-WAX-NP DEAE Cl - 11.2 500 5

ProSphere™ Hydrophobic Interaction HPLC Columns
Cat. No.   Packing   Particle Size   Pore Size I.D. x Length  
A-P20334   P-SAX-HR   7µm   4000 Å 4.6 x 50mm  
A-P20336   P-SAX   10µm   1000 Å 7.5 x 75mm  
A-P20337   P-SAX   13µm   1000 Å 21.5 x 150mm  
A-P20341   P-WAX   10µm   1000 Å 7.5 x 75mm  
A-P20342   P-WAX   13µm   1000 Å 21.5 x 150mm  
A-P20339   P-WAX-NP   2.5µm   - 4.6 x 35mm  
A-P20338   P-WAX-NP   2.5µm   - 4.6 x 75mm  

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