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Once you compare - you will realize why we set the  standards... the others follow!

Gilson Lifetime Warranty Get More Information
One Year Warranty Get More Information
Free Pickup Get More Information
Original Manufacturers’ Replacement Parts Get More Information
Local Service Representatives Get More Information
No-Charge 2 Minute Inspections and Seminars Get More Information
Non-Repairable Trade-In Get More Information
Pipettes can be Serviced On-Site or Sent to Mandel Get More Information
On-Site Calibration of 0.2-10uL by ColorimeterGet More Information
Free Return Shipping Get More Information
No Charge Loaners Available Get More Information
The Only Canadian Gilson Authorized Service Centre Get More Information
ISO17025, GMP, GLP compliant Get More Information

Gilson Lifetime Warranty (GLW) go to top

We are so confident in the robustness, accuracy and precision of our Pipetman, we now provide a Gilson Lifetime Warranty (GLW) that can last the entire lifetime of the pipette. Pipettes that are purchased from Mandel and serviced annually by our Service Centre of Excellence are covered under the program.
View the GLW flyer for more information.GLW Flyer
Fill out the GLW Form to register your pipettes. GLW Flyer


One Year Warranty go to top

Mandel GUARANTEES the entire service of pipettes for 12 months, under normal use and preventative maintenance, as described in the manufacturers’ users guide. This warranty does not cover damaged caused by misuse or corrosive agents. Please click here to view a chemical compatibility chart.

Free Pickup go to top

Save on shipping and hassle! If Mandel has a representative in your area they will come to your lab and pick up your packaged pipettes and take care of shipping them to our facility. Just complete the pipette service form and ensure the pipettes are free from any biological or radioactive hazards. Contact a Pipette representative to find out if one is in your area.

In conjunction with various University Stores, we may have a drop off box set up for your convenience.

Original Manufacturers’ Replacement Parts go to top

To ensure the highest quality of service and the longevity of your pipette’s calibration, we will only use manufacturer’s replacement parts required for preventative maintenance and repairs.

Do not be fooled by the low cost of “generic” pipette parts! They will require increased preventative maintenance or replacement and will not have the durability you may need in your lab.

Local Service Representatives go to top

For your convenience, Mandel has employed various Pipette Technicians across Canada. Please contact us to find out if there is one in your area. If not, we would be happy to send our Guelph Field Representative to your facility. Some conditions may apply, please see the On-Site Service information for more details.

No-Charge 2 Minute Inspections and Seminars go to top

Are you paying someone to check the functionality of your pipettes without the use of a balance? We can come to your lab and do this for free!

View the 2 Minute Inspection Interactive Presentation (FLASH)

• We will inspect the outside of pipette for damage and tip ejector function.
• We check that the volume adjustment operates with no catches or snags.
• We check the pipette is operating as it should then perform a leak test appropriate to the volume of the pipette.
• If a leak is detected, we will dismantle the pipette and provide you with an appropriate solution.
• Each pipette is colour-coded to indicate to you if the pipette is still functioning as it should, possibly needing preventative maintenance or if the pipette should not be used until repaired.

We will even teach you to do this yourself! Whether you have just started using pipettes or have been pipetting for years, we feel our Pipetting Technique, Inspection and Preventative Maintenance seminar will provide your lab with valuable information to increase the productivity and longevity of the pipettes in your lab. Each seminar is customized to ensure you receive the training based on your lab’s requirements, such as validation training for ISO17025 or training for students with very little pipetting experience. Contact us to find out more information and how to book.

Non-Repairable Trade-In go to top

We guarantee we can repair your pipette or we will return it as-is at no charge to you or give you 45% off the purchase price of a new Gilson Pipette.

Pipettes can be Serviced On-Site or Sent to Mandel go to top

If you can provide us with a bit of bench space and a power source we will bring the rest. Please see On-Site Service for full details and how to book. To send us your pipettes, please see Service My Pipette and follow our 3 Easy Steps to have your pipette serviced at Mandel.

On-Site Calibration of 0.2-20uL by Colorimeter go to top

To ensure proper accuracy, micro-volume pipettes should never be calibrated on a balance less than 6 decimal places and must be done in a controlled environment. Many will say it is better to calibrate a pipette in the environment it is used, however this is misleading and unprofessional, as we are sure most micro-volumes are dispensed directly into a sample not on a blank surface such as a weigh vessel. That is why Mandel has been using a colorimeter for the past 5 years when calibrating pipettes on-site, eliminating the inaccuracy caused by balances and evaporation.

Free Return Shipping go to top

Anywhere across Canada, no restrictions or minimum requirements apply.

No Charge Loaners Available go to top

This is a free service where you can borrow our pipettes while yours are being serviced and/or calibrated. This service is mainly offered to our on-site service customers, however if pipettes are available we may be able to make arrangements for pipettes coming into Mandel’s calibration facility. We do have limited supplies but will do our best to keep you working while your pipettes are away.

The Only Canadian Gilson Authorized Service Centre go to top

Mandel’s pipette service technicians have under-gone various audits, training and testing by the highly recognized Gilson Pipette manufacturers to ensure we follow strict procedures during the service and calibration of pipettes. Link

ISO17025, GMP, GLP compliant go to top

We have various levels of certification to comply with your needs and our software allows us to customize a program for special requests. Our high standards for training, testing and quality assurance (including strict environmental specifications, ISO17025 certified equipment and routine equipment monitoring and maintenance) will ensure your pipette certification complies with all your requirements.

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