Globe Ice Buckets, Coolers and Chillers

Ice Buckets & Trays

Globe Scientific ice buckets and ice trays are manufactured from polyurethane foam for excellent insulating properties and good chemical resistance.


Mini Coolers

Globe Mini Coolers keep reagents, enzymes, and other temperature sensitive items cool on the bench for up to one hour. An excellent alternative to ice buckets, mini coolers are filled with a non-toxic gel contained in a tough polycarbonate shell. The insulating gel ensures consistent temperature on the bench or in the freezer as protection from temperature fluctuations. Coolers are supplied with a keyed lid with printed grids for easy sample identification. Non-skid feet keep the cooler securely in place on the bench. Coolers with gel filled lids provide extra temperature stability. 0 degree coolers should be frozen for 24 hours at -5ºC to -10ºC before use, while -20 degree coolers should be frozen for 24 hours at -20ºC to -25ºC before use.


Rapid Chiller

The new Globe Rapid Chiller provides rapid cooling of up to 12 biological samples in 1.5mL and 0.5mL tubes. This simple, no mess alternative to dry ice solvent baths will chill and re-chill samples for up to 45 minutes on the benchtop. Simply place the Rapid Chiller in a -20ºC freezer for 24 hours before use and it’s ready to chill or freeze samples in just a few minutes. Rapid chillers have a keyed lid and printed grid for easy sample identification and non-skid feet to prevent sliding on the benchtop.


Cryogenic Cooler

The new Globe Scientific Cryogenic Cooler provides controlled cooling for cryogenic preservation and recovery of cells. When filled with 100% isopropyl alcohol and placed in a mechanical freezer, the cooler maintains the 1ºC per minute cooling rate necessary for proper cell preservation. This controlled cooling improves cell recovery and viability versus snap freezing in liquid nitrogen. The cooler holds up to eighteen 1mL or 2mL cryogenic storage vials.


Globe Ice Buckets, Coolers and Chillers