2940-2980 Multi-Channel Online Monitor Systems

2940-2980 Multi-Channel Online Monitor Systems

For multiple and parallel bioreactor systems, our 4-channel and 8-channel sampling systems provide many simple and reliable online monitoring and control solutions for your bioreactor processes.


Closed-loop monitoring and control capabilities are easily achieved for any scale of operation or type of bioreactor, including single-use systems.

YSI 2940 and YSI 2980

  • Automated, aseptic sampling of up to 8 vessels
  • Monitor up to 6 chemistries
  • Analytical results in 60 seconds for each chemistry
  • Simultaneous online monitoring and 96-well plate sampling
  • Automated cleaning cycle
  • Autoclaveable components
  • CIP and SIP compatible
  • Touchscreen, icon-driven HMI for easy viewing and menu navigation
  • Connectivity options for SCADA, DAS, LIMS and feed-control systems
  • Remote access and control via web-based server
  • OPC server option
  • 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant



Analogue Output 2940: 4 ports (1 port per vessel)
2980: 8 ports (1 port per vessel)
Antiseptic Cycle User defined flow rate (mL/minute) and time (minutes)
Benchtop Yes
Certifications CE, ETL, UL, RoHS
Compliance 21 CFR. Part 11
Equipment used with 2900D, 2950D
Ethernet TCP/IP 2 ports (additional ports if Ethernet hub is used)
Graphic Display Colour
Memory Yes
Monitoring Yes
OPC 2 ports (additional ports if Ethernet hub is used)
Operating Temperature 18-28°C
Power 100-120 VAC/220-240 VAC, 1.5 A, 50/60 Hz
Sample Flow Rate 0.1 - 2.5 mL/minute (user defined)
Sample Interval Time Unit: minutes (user defined)
Sample Size 0.5 - 2.0mL (user defined)
Security / Password Protection / UserID Yes
Size 6.0" W x 18.2" H x 11.0" L
15.2cm W x 46.2cm H x 29.7cm L
Tubing ID Sample inlet: 0.030"
Peristaltic pump: 0.030"
Waste: 0.0625"
USB 3 ports
Vessel Inputs 2940: 4 vessel inputs
2980: 8 vessel inputs
Vessel Tubing Length 1.5 meters (5 ft) (autoclavable and gamma irradiated options)
3.0 meters (10 ft) (autoclavable and gamma irradiated options)
Weight 16.0lbs (7.26kg)
Wetted Materials Pharmed® tubing (peristaltic pump)
C-Flex® and C-Flex Ultra® tubing (sample inlet and waste lines)
PBT (Sample manifold)
Nylon (connectors)

PDFOnline Monitoring and Control
PDFCFR-11 Compliance Spec Sheet