This ASPEC® system for positive pressure solid phase extraction (SPE) maximizes throughput by processing up to four samples in parallel. With its small footprint and multiple probes, it is the ideal choice for high-throughput SPE automation on 1, 3, or 6 mL cartridges. Combined with ASPEC SPE Cartridges, it generates reproducible and efficient sample cleanup for clinical, forensic, doping, food, and environmental testing labs.


Parallel Processing for Maximum Efficiency
Four-probe Z-arm enables processing of four samples in parallel, increasing throughput and efficiency.

Positive Pressure for Reproducible Extractions
Positive pressure extraction with unique sealing cap design increases reproducibility from sample to sample. The syringe pump delivers accurate volume dispensing.

Smart Design for Maximized Performance
Mobile rack technology enables multiple fraction elution and extraction per sample and additional sample transfer after SPE.

Intuitive Error Handling for Trusted Results
The syringe pump pressure-sensing module provides error handling for high cartridge pressure or clogged liquid lines and monitors pressure on each fluid path individually. Innovative jet wash rinse stations minimize carryover and cross contamination.

Versatile Software Control for Optimized Productivity
TRILUTION® Software allows for multiple liquid handling applications such as liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) and SPE on the same ASPEC system. Optimize throughput and efficiency by processing samples in either batch or sequential mode. Perform multiple elution and parallel solvent testing to quickly automate and optimize method development.

Unmatched Versatility
The system comes with a variety of features to fit your workflows and give you the flexibility you need.

  • Standard racks accommodate 1, 3, and 6 mL SPE cartridges
  • Large bed capacity for processing up to 144 samples unattended
  • Multiple fraction elution (up to nine with 1 mL cartridges)
  • Multiple sequential extractions from the same sample
  • Transfer eluates in sealed injection vials after SPE elution
  • Access to seven solvent reservoirs
  • Single syringe pump enables air push from either syringes or external air sources
  • Modular design allows use of a large range of collection tubes from 2 mL vials to 15 mL tubes (16 × 100 mm)