AGS-X Series Electromechanical Testers

AGS-X Series Electromechanical Testers

Shimadzu’s AGS-X series universal test frames combine advanced specifications with a versatile, modern design and an economical price. By incorporating multiple control options, a wide-capacity range of load cells, the utmost in safety considerations, and an extensive selection of testing accessories, the AGS-X series delivers practical testing solutions for many applications.

AGS-X Series:

  • Table-top test frames from 10 kN to 50 kN (2,200 lbf to 11,000 lbf)
  • Floor-standing test frames of 100 kN and 300 kN (22,000 lbf and 66,000 lbf)
  • Extended height options available
  • Load cell options ranging from 1 N to 300 kN (0.22 lbf to 66,000 lbf)


Integrated Operation Panel

Integrated Operation Panel

The operation panel allows development and storage of tensile, compression, and cycle test methods without a computer. Additionally, for 20 kN to 300 kN test frames, the operation panel enables grip actuation and control of the SIE automatic extensometer.

Compression and Tension Fixtures

Quick Test Setup and Exchange

For higher capacity test frames, the use of a single joint for both tension and compression tests makes fixture exchange easy, decreasing setup time and increasing throughput. Furthermore, the wide load cell range of 1/1 to 1/500 reduces the need for load cell switching.

Multi-Purpose Tray

Multi-Purpose Tray for Table-top Models

Table-top models have a large built-in tray, perfect for arranging specimens and taking notes when bench space is limited.

Safety Shield

Comprehensive Safety Measures

Safety functions include emergency-stop buttons, limit switches, and collision detection, all designed for operator peace of mind. In addition, an optional safety shield with interlocks protects operators from debris and limits access while tests are running.

Trapezium X Universal Testing Software

Common to all Shimadzu universal test frames, Trapezium X universal testing software redefines the user-friendly graphical interface, seamlessly integrating method development, testing, data analysis, and reporting. Visit the Trapezium X page for more information.

Trapezium Software Screens

Hardware Specifications

Test Frame Type and NameTable-top Test FrameFloor Test Frame
10 kN
20 kN
50 kN
100 kN
300 kN
Test Frame Load Capacity*1Max. 10 kN (2,200 lbs)Max. 20 kN (4,400 lbs)Max. 50 kN (11,200 lbs)Max. 100 kN (22,400 lbs)Max. 300 kN
(67,400 lbs)
Crosshead Speed Range0.001 to 1000 mm/min
(0.0004 to 39 in/min)
0.001 to 1600 mm/min
(0.0004 to 62 in/min)
0.001 to 800 mm/min
(0.0004 to 31 in/min)
0.001 to 500 mm/min
(0.0004 to 19 in/min)
Crosshead Speed AccuracyWithin ±0.1% of test speed
Crosshead Positional Accuracy±0.1% of indicated value or ±0.01mm, whichever is larger
Test Force Measurement AccuracyHigh-Accuracy Load CellsWithin ± 0.5% of indicated test force (for 1/1 to 1/500 of load cell rated capacity) Within ± 0.5% of indicated test force (for 1/1 to 1/250 of load cell rated capacity)
Standard-Accuracy Load CellsWithin ± 1% of indicated test force (for 1/1 to 1/500 of load cell rated capacity)
Effective Width425 mm (16.5 in)600 mm (23.5 in)
Crosshead-Travel for Standard Height Models1200 mm (47 in)1250 mm (49 in)1210 mm (48 in)1255 mm (49 in)1475 mm (58 in)
Crosshead-Travel for +250mm Extended Models1450 mm (57 in)1500 mm (59 in)1460 mm (58 in)1505 mm (59 in)1725 mm (68 in)
Crosshead-Travel for +500mm Extended Models1700 mm (67 in)1750 mm (69 in)1710 mm (68 in)1755 mm (69 in)1975 mm (78 in)
Data Capture Rate1000 Hz
Standard Input/Output Channels-1 Dedicated load channel
-1 Digital input/output channel*2
-1 Control input/output channel*2

See brochure for more details.

Note 1: When the load cell capacity is smaller than the tester load capacity, the former is the maximum test force.
Note 2: Optional expansion boxes can be used to increase the number of channels.