2D HPLC for Bioanalysis (Co-Sense for BA)

2D HPLC for Bioanalysis (Co-Sense for BA)

Direct Analysis of Drugs Within Bio-Samples

Analysis of drugs using HPLC in pharmacokinetics studies and clinical tests is an effective means of elucidating the behavior of drugs and their metabolites in living organisms. Efficient sample pretreatment, for example, deproteinization, is critical to achieving reliable results. These procedures can be cumbersome and analytical accuracy can be compromised due to a reliance on manual operation; therefore, automated pretreatment procedures are preferable.

Enhancing Efficiency with Automation

Automatically and seamlessly conducting all processes from sample pre-treatment to analysis, the Prominence 2D HPLC for BA is a column-switching HPLC system equipped with the newly developed Shim-pack MAYI-ODS pretreatment column and a unique on-line dilution bypass channel. The system's on-line pre-treatment of bio-samples reduces labor while enhancing efficiency. A high-throughput autosampler provides high-speed injection and reproducibility. Accurate and precise temperature control of the system further ensures reproducible analysis and a high recovery rate.

This system serves as a front-end HPLC system for a mass spectrometer, enhancing the efficiency of analyzing drugs in biological samples for pharmacokinetics studies and clinical tests.

Shim-pack MAYI-ODS Pretreatment Column

The Shim-pack MAYI-ODS is an inner surface type reversed-phase column, in which the outer surface of silica gel (50µm) is coated with a water-soluble polymer, and only the pore interior is chemically modified with an octadecyl group. The MAYI-ODS column:

  • Effectively removes proteins from biological samples like blood plasma, while trapping low molecular weight compounds like the compound of interest.
  • Achieves long-term stability through optimization of particle diameter and newly developed coating technology
  • Exhibits excellent repeatability in continuous analysis of multiple samples

An image of the MAYI-ODS and how it works to remove proteins from the sample:

On-line Dilution Bypass Effect

Added in the sample introduction flow channel leading to the MAYI pretreatment column, the dilution bypass eliminates the need for preliminary dilution of the sample by automatically diluting it on-line, leading to excellent recovery rates.

Suppression of Carryover

The Prominence SIL-20 autosamplers feature a number of enhancements, including a specially treated outer needle surface and improvement of needle seal composition, to greatly reduce sample adsorption. This performance is critical for achieving the high sensitivity of LC-MS/MS. In addition, the optional multi-liquid rinsing demonstrates almost undetectable sample carryover.

Temperature Control

The temperature of the pretreatment column can be controlled, assuring consistent high recovery rates and accurate analysis.