LCMS-8040 Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometer - Enhanced Sensitivity

Simultaneous Analysis of 226 PesticidesConsumer demand for higher quality products has led to the implementation of stricter government regulations and oversight in order to ensure safety and product conformity. The food safety community is just one sector requiring lower minimum residue levels with greater testing frequency for a broader number of compounds. The triple quad LCMS-8040 has stepped up to the challenges of high-throughput sensitive routine analysis. As shown, the LCMS-8040 can analyze a 226 pesticide mixture in less than two minutes, making it an ideal instrument for meeting a laboratory’s demanding requirements.

UFsweeper II – Enhanced Sensitivity

The UFsweeper II, a redesigned pseudo-quadrupole collision cell, allows for 1msec pause times with better ion transmission out of the cell. This practically eliminates crosstalk, yielding high quantitative accuracy and reliability even at lower levels of detection.

Enhanced Sensitivity

Using ultrafast chromatography and the ultrafast sampling rate provided by the LCMS-8040 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, sub 100 femtogram levels of detection have been obtained for certain analytes.

UF Technology – Improved Ion Optics

Combining fast scan speeds with ultrafast polarity switching creates an LCMS/MS instrument that can rapidly analyze numerous compounds regardless of polarity, reach and exceed required levels of detection, and reproducibly quantitate even the narrowest peaks found in modern ultrahigh pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC). This mass spectrometer utilizes three uniquely redesigned pieces of hardware to form our UFtechnology, which gives enhanced sensitivity and allows us to be the leader in quantitative mass spectrometry.

Ion intensity when polarity switchingIon intensity when polarity switching

A unique high-voltage power supply achieves a high-speed polarity switching time of just 15 msec while maintaining ion intensity with reproducible data. Even when multiple components elute simultaneously, data loss is minimized by the fast polarity switching. This UFswitching provides sufficient data points for even the narrowest peaks obtained.


The LCMS-8040 delivers scan speeds of up to 15,000 u/second with a 0.1 Dalton step width without the loss of mass accuracy. Data acquisition occurs so rapidly that one can acquire both qualitative and quantitative data in a single run.

For example, triggered MS/MS scans and MRM quantitation can be performed in a single acquisition. Increase throughput with the capability of simultaneously acquiring 555 MRM channels per second while maintaining accuracy and precision. Utilizing a dwell time of 0.8 msec, the LCMS-8040 can analyze 226 unique pesticides with multiple transitions per compound in less than two minutes.

High throughput data analysis software package that enables faster quantitative analysis and more effective reviewing of multi-analyte panels particularly for food, cannabis, clinical research, and forensics markets.