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LabSolutions InsightLabSolutions Insight multi-analyte data review software, designed for the high-throughput laboratory, makes processing LC/MS/MS data efficient and accurate. User-defined flags allow outliers to be highlighted for easy recognition and further review. A complete series of data files can be viewed simultaneously, and the review process can be switched quickly between sample centric and compound centric modes. Insight enables data searching, filtering and sorting on all quantitative table results, providing flexibility in data processing and review.

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  • Review by Exception
  • Colour-coded flags identify outliers requiring further examination
  • Flexible searching, filtering, and sorting
  • Ability to display multiple chromatograms at a time for quantitative screening
  • Configurable user interface for baseline and peak review
  • Bi-directional communication via HL7 to quickly send results to LIS/LIMS
  • Additional library screening license to display qualitative data and library search results

High throughput data analysis software package that enables faster quantitative analysis and more effective reviewing of multi-analyte panels particularly for food, cannabis, clinical research, and forensics markets.

LabSolutions LC-MS/MS data review software with library searching

LabSolutions LC-MS/MS data review software with library searching. Learn More