The Cobra L/S liquid sampler is a reliable autosampler designed and built to automate any GC. If you are looking for a sampling system to replace an older, less reliable autosampler, the Cobra L/S is the logical choice. State-of-the-art component technology with easy-to-use operating features make the Cobra L/S suitable for routine as well as research level sampling requirements.


The Cobra L/S is an all-electric, stepper motor driven GC autosampler providing rugged reliability and pinpoint injection accuracy. The syringe mechanism moves back-and-forth and in-and-out across the sample tray to access sample vials, multiple solvent vials, standards, etc. Variable inject volumes, injection speed, needle dwell times, number of samples per vial, multiple methods per run, solvent flush, air gaping, dual column operation and a host of other autosampling options are all standard and easily programmed on the Cobra L/S’s menu driven keypad. The unit uses screw-cap or crimp-top septum vials, and easily interfaces with your GC system with all the remote inputs/outputs (ready signal, injection mark, etc.) plus RS 232 for direct communication with a PC. Mounting is easy and allows for quick changes between GCs if desired. Syringe/injector alignment is controlled via the keypad. The control module mounts on either side of the GC autosampler for easy access.


  • Direct syringe injection
  • All electric – no additional cost for gases
  • Variable injection rates
  • Variable syringe fill rates
  • Dual inlet injection capability
  • Methods linking
  • Multiple solvent/waste bottles
  • Syringe range 5µl-250µl
  • Multiple samples per vial
  • Air gapping capability
  • Priority sample/flush
  • Back lit LCD display
  • Multiple tray options:
  • RS-232 capability
  • Uses off-the-shelf syringes