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    High Sensitivity GCMS Analysis of White Wine Aroma Components Using ITEX DHS

    Shimadzu's application note introduces the ITEX DHS (in-tube extraction dynamic headspace) sample introduction method for use with the AOC-6000

  2. NEW

    New to HPLC/UHPLC?

    New to HPLC/UHPLC? Need a refresher? Want to learn how new technologies are simplifying workflows?

    Check out Shimadzu's HPLC Knowledge Base, packed with information designed to

  3. Webinar: Analysis of regulated organic contaminants and other persistent pollutants: What is new for improving your laboratory operations?

    October 15, 2020 at 11am ET

    Discover how Shimadzu enables you to succeed in your environmental monitoring! Simply accept this invitation to join the

  4. Comprehensive Analysis of Alcohols and Hand Sanitizers – Regulatory Compliance and Analytical Efficiency

    This webinar presented by Shimadzu and the National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center (NCERC) will discuss the chemical analysis of ethanol, isopropanol, and hand sanitizers.

  5. How to simplify selective enrichment of Listeria monocytogenes for quality control?

    Interscience offers a complete solution for quality indicator enumeration and pathogen research.

  6. High Sensitivity Analysis of Coffee Aroma Components Using the SPME Arrow

    Gas chromatograph mass spectrometers (GC-MS) capable of excellent qualitative measurements are used in the analysis of aroma components in foods and beverages. The convenient sampling

  7. Ion Chromatography Webinar

    Explaining the Key Benefits and Features of Shimadzu's LC-IC Series Solution
    Thursday, August 13 | 11am EST

  8. Is Your Lab Ready to Rev Its Engine?

    You wouldn’t start a car that has been stationary for months without a maintenance check. Don’t start waking up those cells without completing these steps!

  9. WEBINAR: Measuring Diverse Samples With UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer: An Example Workflow and Evaluation Methodology for Integrating Spheres

    The integrating sphere accessory is the most frequently used accessory on UV/Vis/NIR instruments. With an integrating sphere, one can measure just about any sample type

  10. High Blood Pressure Medication, G-protein Coupled Receptors and Viruses

    Recently there have been many reports that raise concern over the use of certain high blood pressure (HBP) medications and the possible effect on virus