IRTracer-100 Spectrometer

IRTracer-100 Spectrometer

Combining high speed, sensitivity and resolution with enhanced expandability and easy-to-use FTIR software, the IRTracer-100 FTIR spectrophotometer is your answer for research and development. In addition to carrying out routine work, the IRTracer-100 is ideal for analyzing gas, micro contaminants and work requiring analysis in the near-IR and far-IR regions. Applicable markets are pharmaceutical, environment, food, forensics, nanomaterials, chemicals and electronics. It offers full functionality for all FTIR techniques, including transmission, diffuse reflection and attenuated total reflection (ATR), to meet a diverse range of application requirements.


The IRTracer-100 offers a highly stable dynamic alignment mechanism and the robust S/N ratio of 60,000:1 for highly sensitive and accurate measurements. Furthermore, additional detectors, light sources and beam splitters can be added to expand to the far-IR and near-IR regions (overall scan range of 12,500 to 240 cm−1), as well as to achieve more sensitivity with an MCT (Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride) detector. The instrument is also fully suitable for monitoring rapid reactions or in-line gas measurement with the capability to obtain up to 20 spectra/second. In addition, it features an electronic auto drying system which is active even when the unit is not powered on. With the active electronic drying system, the IRTracer-100 provides an airtight interferometer structure that ensures that the optical components are fully protected, maintaining long-term stability.

In addition, with the included advanced LabSolutions IR control software, users can get the most out of the instrument in terms of data acquisition, analysis, data integrity and user administration. With the proper software compliance package, the IRTracer-100 and the software setup can provide total data integrity, user administration and audit trails to fully comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

High Sensitivity, High Resolution and High Speed

The IRTracer-100 features the highest SN ratio in its class, 0.25cm-1 resolution, and high-speed scanning capable of 20 spectra/second.

High-Sensitivity Measurements, with the highest SN Ratio

Trace a mounts of silicone oil in paraffin oil were measured using the IRTracer-100 and a single-reflection ATR accessory. Even the very weak peak (1260 cm-1) from the silicone, with a mere 0.00015 Abs, was measured with a high SN ratio.


  • Difference spectrum obtained by subtracting the paraffin spectrum
  • Measured with a resolution of 4 cm-1, using the DLATGS detector

Acquire High-Resolution Spectra with a 0.25cm-1 Resolution Setting

Highly accurate quantitation and identification can be achieved with 0.25 cm-1 resolution. For example, this resolution is suitable for the detailed analysis of each peak in a gas sample. When ammonia gas was run at 0.25 cm-1 resolution, peaks in the 805 – 810 and 785 – 790 cm-1 ranges were clearly resolved.

Achieve High-Speed Analysis with a 20 Hz Rapid Scan Feature*1

The rapid scan function allows a maximum of 20 spectra per second to be obtained. This makes the IRTracer-100 suitable for fast reactions that occur within a few seconds and for kinetic studies occurring in less than one second. Rapid, high-sensitivity analysis is available.

  • Analysis of curing reaction of UV light curable resin
  • Sample: UV light cure adhesive
  • Resolution: 16 cm-1
  • Scan accumulation: 1
  • Total scans: 600
  • Interval: 50msec
  • Monitor: Peak at around 1,400 cm-1
  • Detector: MCT

*1 16cm-1 resolution. Rapid scan program is optional.

Reliable High Performance

An automatic dehumidifier and advanced dynamic alignment enable easy maintenance of the interferometer.

The IRTracer-100's interferometer is optimized and stabilized using a combination of a smooth moving mirror system and the Advanced Dynamic Alignment. To assure that the IRTracer-100 is always in the optimum operating condition, a self diagnoses routine monitors the operation of the system at initialization and constantly during operation In addition, standard EP/CHP/JP/USP/ASTM validation programs are provided to evaluate the FTIR performance.

Incorporation with Advanced Dynamic Alignment

Achieving reproducible optical interference in a spectrophotometer requires a robust interferometer design. The interferometer in the IRTracer-100 easily meets this requirement. The smooth moving mirror system monitored by the Advanced Dynamic Alignment system allows the IRTracer-100 to provide optimum and stable quality spectra after only a short warm-up time. Sampling at over 5000 times /second the Advanced Dynamic Alignment keeps the IRTracer-100 in optimum operating condition. In addition, the Advanced Dynamic Alignment system automatically aligns the interferometer when the beam splitter is changed for NIR or FIR analysis.

Four Benefits of Advanced Dynamic Alignment

  • Removes the influence of environmental variations
  • Allows the FTIR to be powered off when not in use*2 (saving electricity and reducing the environmental impact)
  • Shorter warm-up times and enhanced stability
  • Provides for a maintenance-free system

*2 Automatic Dehumidifier is working. 

Built-in Automatic Dehumidifier Allows for Easy Maintenance

Beam splitters used in FTIR interferometers are susceptible to humidity. In order to maintain the long-term stability of the interferometer, the beam splitter must be protected from moisture. To address this issue, the IRTracer-100 has been engineered with an airtight interferometer that incorporates a unique internal Automatic Dehumidifier.

New Generation of Workstation - LabSolutions IR

LabSolutions IR, a member of the LabSolutions family, has been optimized for network applications, includes an extensive library of spectra, and features a high-performance search function. In addition, Macro functions provide automation and labour savings.

Fast, Easy-to-Use LabSolutions IR Series Software

LabSolutions IR easily executes FTIR operations such as scanning, data manipulation, quantitation, reporting, saving, user administration, and more. High-level administrative functions and a variety of data manipulation functions provide for an easier, more user-friendly analysis environment. In addition, numerous optional programs are available to address all modern labouratory needs.

Run Dedicated LabSolutions IR Programs or Windows Applications Easily with the Dedicated LabSolutions IR Launcher.

LabSolutions IR includes a number of dedicated programs, including Postrun, Spectrum, and Quantitation, which are easily launched using the LabSolutions IR Launcher. In addition, macro programs and Windows applications can be registered with the LabSolutions IR Launcher for quick and easy start-up.

Excellent Features of LabSolutions IR Series

Network Features

  • High-level security and user administration functions
  • Suitable for ERES regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, PIC/S, and more
  • Management of FTIR as well as LC and GC data by the server on a network
  • With terminal service, LabSolution IR can be controlled from a client PC without installing LabSolutions IR on it


  • Postrun, Spectrum, Quantitation, Photometric, Time course (option), Mapping (option)
  • All of the Postrun and measurement programs have a common Main toolbar, Menu, Measurement toolbar, Tree view, and Log window. The operation of each program is also similar, providing a familiar feel no matter what task you are working.

Extensive Spectra Library and High-Performance Search Function

  • Features a library containing approximately 12,000 spectra
  • Enables high-quality searching with standard libraries
  • High-performance search methods, including Spectral, Text, Combination, and Peak searches
  • Shimadzu's unique search algorithm provides precise search results


  • Easy printing using the ViewPrint function and Free-layout reports

Macro Program Functions Provide Automation and labour-Savings

  • Simply align steps to create a Macro program
  • Automated identification tests and contaminants analysis

Data Manipulation

  • A wide variety of data manipulation functions, including Advanced ATR correction and Kubelka-Munk conversion, and quantitation functions, such as the multi-point calibration curve method and CLS method, are standard.

Macro Functions Provide Automation and Labour-Savings

LabSolutions IR automates routine work, such as scanning, data manipulation, reporting, identification tests, and contaminants analysis. Launch programs from the Launcher or your PC.

Easy Macro – Just a Single Click Launches Routine Work

The "Easy Macro" function will create macros that are suitable for routine work, particularly when repetitive operations are used. The macro builder allows macros to be constructed by simply selecting and aligning operations from a list. Once constructed, the macros can be registered with the Launcher and Desktop for quick execution. Operators who are not familiar with FTIR can easily operate the instrument.

Easy Macro Operations

  • Initialization of FTIR, configuration of scan parameters, spectrum measurement
  • Data manipulations, search, quantitation, printing
  • Repeat measurements, displaying messages, alarm sounds, external program execution


Solutions Achieved with LabSolutions IR

Reliable LabSolutions Software

In addition to LabSolutions IR, which provides basic functionality, Shimadzu also offers LabSolutions DB IR and LabSolutions CS IR to meet the requirements of ER/ES regulations.

  • Operate with LabSolutions, Shimadzu's reliable and popular workstation used in chromatography and spectroscopic analysis
  • Solid Security

LabSolutions DB IR

LabSolutions DB IR allows for secure data management by integrating a data management function with LabSolutions IR. Compliant with ER/ES regulations, the software is optimally configured for customers using a PC. It is recommended for facilities that do not require network connections and want to be ER/ES compliant.

LabSolutions CS IR

LabSolutions CS, which is freely accessible to the analysis network, can be connected to IR, eliminating the need for connecting a PC to the instrument. Since all the data are managed on a server, LabSolutions CS IR can be read from any personal computer on a network. With terminal service, LabSolutions IR can be controlled from a client PC without installing LabSolutions IR on it. It is recommended for facilities that have a large number of users, manage data in a database, and want to be ER/ES compliant.


Database Management Prevents Mistakes

With LabSolutions DB IR and CS IR, the analysis data are managed securely by the database. Overwriting, deletion and other mistakes typical of data file management do not occur. In addition, when postrun analysis is performed using the acquired data, postrun analysis data revision numbers are automatically assigned, preventing the accidental overwriting of raw data.

Solid Security

An audit trail to ensure the reliability of data and document e-mail transmission functions when any event occurs in the system can be set up. User accounts are managed using passwords, where password length, complexity and term of validity must satisfy specified requirements. It is also possible to set lockout functions to prevent illegal access, and set a registered user’s deletion and change. In addition, a box can be selected to prevent overwriting a data file, and outputting an item to a report can also be performed.

Pertinent Information is Managed for Every Project

LabSolutions DB IR and CS IR provide a project management function enabling management suited to tasks and system operations. This function enables equipment and user management, security policy, and data processing to be set on a project by project basis, thereby improving the efficiency of data searches and management tasks.

Visualization of the Sequence of Analysis Operations

Creating a report set* provides visibility of the individual analytical operations involved in the overall analytical process. When analytical operations are visible, it is easier to check for operating errors, which helps improve the efficiency and reliability of checking processes.

* Report sets include test methods and test results for a series of samples analyzed, and also a corresponding operation log (a record of all operating events from login to logout), which is automatically extracted from the data and summarized in a single report.

Meeting the Needs of a Wide Range of Analyses

A wide variety of programs and accessories is available in order to meet the needs of various customers.

Customize Your Own IRTracer-100 System

You can customize your own IRTracer-100 system with a wide variety of accessories and easy-to-use software options to meet the needs of your specific application.

Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food Products, Environmental, Chemicals and Polymers, Electrical, Electronics, and Semiconductors, Automobiles, Metals, Construction, Academia

Two Main Application Programs Support All Analyses

LabSolutions IR includes two main application programs - for contaminant analysis and identification tests.
Even operators unfamiliar with FTIR analysis can easily use these programs and create reports in just a few seconds.

Contaminant Analysis Program

Combining Shimadzu's own algorithms (patent pending) with that of library spectra for common contaminants, this program identifies contaminants with a high degree of accuracy. This easy-to-use program is conducive to all levels of operators. Reports are automatically created after analysis, allowing operators with little knowledge of infrared analysis to easily perform analysis.

Identification Test Program

This program makes pass/fail judgments about samples in accordance with the tests specified in the Pharmacopoeia. In addition to identification tests for pharmaceutical products, this program can be used for incoming and pre-shipment inspections.

Hardware Options

Integrated with sample compartments, the series of horizontal ATR accessories offers improved purging performance, and eliminates the concern of dust entering the IRTracer-100’s sample compartment. When an accessory is installed, the software displays its name and serial number and sets the optimum scan parameters.