MCT-W Series

MCT-W Series

Compression Strength Testing of Micro Materials

The MCT series testers are designed for strength evaluation of micro components, micro particles, and fine fibres under compression. Test forces from 9.8 mN (1 gf) to 1,961 mN (200 gf) or 4,903 mN (500 gf), 10x and 50x objective lenses as standard, and the ability to measure displacements up to 100 µm make the MCT series ideal for strength testing a range of micro substances, including ceramic particles, fine metallic powders, pigments, food source powders, and pharmaceutical micro capsules.

ModelTest Force Range(mN)Displacement Range(µm)Displacement Increment(µm)
MCT-210 9.8 – 1,961 0 - 100 0.001
MCT-211 0 - 10 0.0001
MCT-510 9.8 – 4,903 0 - 100 0.001
MCT-511 0 - 10 0.0001


Highly Accurate Micro Test Forces

A guaranteed accuracy of ±1% of the displayed test force or 0.1 mN, whichever is greater, provides measurement reproducibility.

Test Modes for Diverse Physical Property Testing

Perform compression tests to determine the compressive strength and the rate of change, load-unload tests for measuring compression rate and recovery rate, and cyclic tests for quantifying the rate or amount of compression and recovery for each cycle.

Specimen Dimension Measurement Provided as Standard

Using an overhead image, the specimen dimension measurement function enables determination of the geometrical mean diameter and length of a specimen.

Capture Specimen Images During Compression

With the optional colour or monochrome side observation kit, samples under compression can be observed, displayed on a PC screen, and saved at any point during operation.

Additional Accessories For Tailored Configurations

Accessories that can be added to the MCT series include objective lenses of 20x, 40x, and 100x; indenters with flat-section diameters of 20 µm, 100 µm, 200 µm, and 500 µm (a 50 µm diameter flat indenter is included as standard); a resistance measurement kit; and a high-temperature unit for testing from 50°C to 250°C.