1. NEW

    Ion Chromatography Webinar

    Explaining the Key Benefits and Features of Shimadzu's LC-IC Series Solution
    Thursday, August 13 | 11am EST

  2. NEW

    WEBINAR: Measuring Diverse Samples With UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer: An Example Workflow and Evaluation Methodology for Integrating Spheres

    The integrating sphere accessory is the most frequently used accessory on UV/Vis/NIR instruments. With an integrating sphere, one can measure just about any sample type

  3. WEBINAR: Kinetic or endpoint monitoring of protein kinase and phosphatase activity

    Protein kinases are a diverse group of 518 enzymes whose dysregulation underlies 400 or more human diseases across therapeutic areas and especially oncology and inflammation.

  4. WEBINAR: Did You Know THC Has Isomers?

    In the crush to develop analytical methods for the various active ingredients of cannabis, some people may have overlooked that THC is present as two

  5. WEBINAR: Analyzing Mycotoxins in CBD Oil: A Simple Workflow Solution from Restek

    A growing need is emerging for testing to detect the presence of mycotoxins in both raw plant materials and finished cannabis products in order to

  6. WEBINAR: Understand the rationale behind the Q-TOF LC/MS that stably sustains sub-ppm mass accuracy

    Presented by Atsuhiko (Ash) Toyama, PhD - MS Application Specialist, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division, Shimadzu Corporation.