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Learn how a broad range of analytical technologies can be used to characterize batteries, their components, and raw materials — and aid R&D, manufacturing, quality control, and recycling processes. The technologies include physical testing, particle characterization, x-ray, microscopy, chromatography, spectroscopy, and surface analysis tools. You’ll learn about them in this 30-minute webinar, “Physical Testing and Chemical Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries and Components”.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • Lithium Ion-Battery separator analysis (tensile, puncture, compression, thermal)
  • Particle characterization and micro-compression testing of individual electrode particles
  • Electrolyte solution characterization
  • Organic components, carbon, and produced gas analysis
  • Elemental and inorganic component analysis
  • Surface analysis, CT scan, and electron probe micro analyzer applications

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Dr. William Gabler
Senior Applications Scientist, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
William Gabler is Materials Science Senior Applications Scientist at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments. He holds a PhD from North Carolina State University where he researched mechanical and chemical test methods for polymers and textiles. At Shimadzu, William supports various technologies including mechanical testing, fatigue, thermal, particle size, hardness, microscopy, and x-ray.

Jon Peters
Senior Market Manager - Chemical and Energy, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Jon Peters is Chemical and Energy Market Manager with Shimadzu Scientific Instruments. He applies his experience with spectroscopy, chromatography, software, consumables, and sample introduction instrumentation to create innovative marketing initiatives.