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    MS/MS/LC Package for PFAS in Method Drinking Water

    This method package includes ready-to-use analytical conditions for EPA Methods 533 and 537.1, examples of analytical procedures for the methods, and various other information, such

  2. NEW

    Validating a Postmortem Forensic Volatile Analysis Method by HS-GC-FID to ANSI/ASB Standard 036

    WEBINAR | Validating a Postmortem Forensic Volatile Analysis Method by HS-GC-FID to ANSI/ASB Standard 036

  3. WEBINAR | Viral Penetration and Hand Protection

    Tuesday, March 1, 2022

  4. Run Ultrashort-Chain PFAS (C2, C3) and Conventional PFAS on One LC Column

    Adding ultrashort-chain compounds to an existing PFAS method can now be achieved on Raptor Polar X LC columns. In this fast, isocratic LC-MS/MS analysis, the

  5. Rapid Greenhouse Gas Analysis via the Nexis GC-2030 Gas Chromatograph

    This application note describes an application-specific GC system that enables the easy qualitative and quantitative analysis of three major greenhouse gases: methane, carbon dioxide, and

  6. Restek Terpenes Megamix Standards

    Featuring 59 compounds across two ampuls, Restek's new Terpenes MegaMix standards help labs analyze an extensive terpenes list without needing to combine multiple mixes or

  7. WEBINAR | Advanced Solutions in Food Microbiology and Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing

    Wednesday, September 29, 2021 | 11 a.m. CT

    In manufacturing perishable products, it's essential that food and cosmetic industries conduct thorough shelf-life studies to

  8. Determination of EPA Method 300 Anions

    Suppressed conductivity ion chromatography (IC) is commonly used to determine the concentration of inorganic ions, particularly for environmental waters and drinking waters.

  9. Fast, Reliable Detection of Extractables and Leachables

    Increasing evidence suggests that extractables and leachables in food contact materials (FCMs) pose a risk to human health.

  10. Application Note: GC-SCD Analysis of Fuels and Petrochemicals

    As an analytical technique, GC-SCD couples the separations capability of conventional GC with a highly specific detector for sulphur and sulphur species.