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    WEBINAR | The Newest Alternative to Animal Testing for Skin Sensitization

    WEBINAR | April 26, 2023

    In this webinar, Shimadzu presents the technical background of the ADRA method, the use of reagent kits to perform ADRA

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    How to Replace the Combustion Tube and O-Rings on a TOC-LC Instrument

    Here is just one of many of the outstanding YouTube support videos from Shimadzu's Keith Long.

  3. How does Interscience prevent musculoskeletal disorders in laboratories?

    Webinar | On demand

    Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are problematic, in particular because of repetitive movements during sample manipulations or Petri dish plating. This webinar

  4. Free Biosearch e-book: 5 tips to improve genotyping success for plants with complex genomes

    Plants with complex genomes present their own unique genotyping challenges.

    Biosearch Technolgies' experienced team of scientists have created an e-book with 5 actionable tips for improving

  5. Inferior Quality Lab Consumables are Jeopardizing Your Research

    Have you had to switch to different brands or settle for lower quality lab consumables due to the COVID-19 supply chain crisis? You're not alone

  6. Automate TKN and BOD Analysis using the Shimadzu TOC-L

    One of the 81 new methods in the 24th Edition of Standard Methods is 4500-N E which measures Total Nitrogen and Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN)

  7. SW Safety Announces New Name as SW SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS INC.

    The new name reflects the company's commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and corporate social responsibility.

  8. High Sensitivity GCMS Analysis of White Wine Aroma Components Using ITEX DHS

    Shimadzu's application note introduces the ITEX DHS (in-tube extraction dynamic headspace) sample introduction method for use with the AOC-6000

  9. WEBINAR | Analytical Solutions for Nitrosamines in Response to USP 1469

    On demand

  10. Reduce Sample Handling Errors in Your RT-qPCR Workflows with Gilson Automation

    Reverse transcription qPCR (RT-qPCR) combines reverse transcription and qPCR and is routinely used to detect causative virions from respiratory secretions. Due to the sensitivity of