TOX-300 Total Organic Halogen Analyzer

TOX-300 Total Organic Halogen Analyzer

This field-proven coulometry system allows measurement of total chlorine and total sulphur in solids, liquids and gases from the ppm to % levels. In addition, combining it with an adsorption unit, POX sparger and other instruments, make it possible to measure activated carton adsorption (AOX), volatility (POX), extractability (EOX) and organic halogens from the ppb to ppm levels.



  • All data is processed in a database
  • An auto boat controller is provided as standard equipment. Measurements are performed automatically in 6 to 12 minutes simply by placing the sample in a sample boat
  • In addition to plastics, rubber and other organic materials, measurements can also be performed on electronic and inorganic materials down to the ppm level
  • The use of coulometry and activated carbon technologies enables ultra microanalysis of organic halogen levels in water. These technologies have been certified by numerous international standards including EPA, ASTM, ISO and DIN standards
  • System Configuration Accommodating the Specific Purpose of Use - The system can be configured exactly as required, by using various options according to the particular sample



High-Speed Analysis using the Auto Boat Controller

Measurement is perfromed automatically in 6 to 12 minute simply by placing a sample boat and starting measurement. Since the sample boat inlet box is provided with a cooling function (electronic cooling), the boat can be cooled in a short period of time for faster repetitive measurement.

Application - Oriented System Configuration

The user of various options according the particular sample make it possible to construct a system that precisely matches the application.

Matrix Independent, unique songle program for all samples.

Secure combution Program (SCP) enables ideal pyrolysis of substances in sample.

Measuring Principle

Chlorine Analysis: Standard Set with Chlorine Titration Cell unit

Sample are burned in an Argon. Oxgen atmosphere. The resulting chloride is lead into titration cell where it is automatically titrated by silver ions generated coulometically. The amount of chlorine is then calculated from the quantity of electricity required for the titration.

HCl + Ag+ → H+ + AgCl (Titration)
Ag → Ag+ + E- (Electrolysis)

Sulfur Analysis: Standard Set with Sulfur Titration cel unit

Samples are burned in an Argon/Oxgen atmosphere. The resulting sulfur dioxide is lead into a titration cell where it is automatically titrated by triiodide ions generated coulometrically. The amount of sulfer is then calculated from the quantity of electricity required for the titration.

SO2 + I3- → SO3 + 2H+ + 3I- (Titration)
3I- → I3- + 2e- (Electrolysis)