Auto Fill Tanks

Auto Fill Tanks


The AutoMax Systems, with the convenience of polycarbonate or fibreboard boxes, lets you achieve maximum cryogenic vial storage capacities while maintaining LN₂ levels automatically. Vial storage in boxes allows for ease of use and accurate inventory of samples. The auto fill control assures proper LN₂ levels. For sample security the control features low level, LN₂ supply and sensor fault alarms. Enjoy the benefits of automatic filling without excess complexity or cost.


Auto Jr.

The unique fiberglass restricted-opening neck design of the ABS Auto Jr. reduces LN₂consumption rates far below other auto-filling units. Under laboratory testing providing one opening per day, the ABS Auto Jr. operated and maintained “cryogenic temperatures” for over a month on one 180-litre LN₂ supply tank. Competitive units can consume three or four supply tanks per month.


The ABS KryoVault is engineered to provide cryogenic temperatures throughout the tank well below the critical -135°C range. With only a few inches of liquid, vapour temperatures approaching the actual -196°C temperature of LN₂ can be maintained at the highest shelf. The unique restricted neck opening design, with double-hinged lid, brings liquid consumption to one of the lowest rates in the industry.