PRO Homogenizers and generator probes are precision designed to provide reliable, reproducible results that are required for the cannabis industry.
Cannabis Testing and Quality Control
Testing and quality controls within the cannabis industry demand a precision homogenizing product to assist in determining and monitoring the cannabinoid potency and pesticide residue. PRO Homogenizers help both small startups and established labs to protect their users by assisting in the production of safe, high quality products.
Cannabis-infused Products
PRO Scientific Homogenizers are ideal for the extraction of cannabis in developing cannabis-infused products. Homogenization of cannabis samples allows for a stable emulsion to be created that is shelf stable. A range of setups are available, depending upon your budget and processing requirements.
Why use a PRO Homogenizer for cannabis testing and product development?
Reduced particle size and increased particle uniformity allow mechanical homogenizers to produce a higher quality and better performing finished product. A mechanical homogenizer produces 1000 times more energy than traditional stirring methods, allowing more efficient mixing of:
  • Fluid-fluid (even viscous liquid, such as BHO can be easily homogenized)
  • Fluid-solid
  • Solid-solid (without liquid medium, lower bearing material will be custom changed)