TMA-60 Series Thermomechanical Analyzers

TMA-60 Series Thermomechanical Analyzers

Due to the integration of the detection probe, displacement sensor, and force coil, the advanced design of the TMA-60 series provides a wide dynamic measurement range of ±5 mm in displacement and ±5 N for force. The high functionality and ease-of-use of the TMA-60 series accommodates a wide variety of samples.

The TMA-60 series consists of:

  • TMA-60 model with maximum temperature of 1,000°C
  • TMA-60H model with temperature range of ambient to 1,500°C

To thoroughly evaluate sample characteristics, the TMA-60 includes elongation, expansion, and penetration measurement methods. The TMA-60 uses a single probe to measure total expansion whereas the TMA-60H uses two probes for differential expansion measurement.



Wide Variety of Loading Programs

In addition to applying static loads to samples, constant rate loading, constant rate elongation, and cyclic loading programs are available, resulting in the measurement of stress-strain curves and thermal stresses in film or fiber samples.

Easy Exchange Between Measurement Modes

Changing between elongation, expansion, and penetration measurement modes for the TMA-60 is straightforward because of the use of a bayonet sample holder, which attaches and removes in one step, and versatile plug-in temperature sensors.

Sub-Ambient Measurement with the Optional Low-Temperature Furnace

When the low-temperature furnace unit LTB-60 is attached, the TMA-60 is able to measure over the temperature range of -150 to 600°C using liquid nitrogen.

Simplified Control Using TA-60WS Thermal Analysis Workstation and Software

For data acquisition, analysis and control of up to four Shimadzu thermal analysis instruments of any type and optional accessories, such as the FC-60A atmosphere control unit, the TA-60WS thermal analysis workstation is used.

US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Analytical Laboratory Regulation Compliant Software

If compliance with electronic record and electronic signature (ER/ES) regulations, such as US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, or PIC/S GMP guidelines is required, complaint versions of the data acquisition and data analysis software included with the TA-60WS thermal analysis workstation are available as an option.