Pipette Service

Our Support personnel and service department provide full service and instrumentation support for all Mandel products.  A highly qualified team of representatives ensures that your instruments are always working to their optimum specification.  We can provide in-depth and personalized help to our customers with questions or concerns pertaining to any of the equipment sold by Mandel.

We are now pleased to offer free shipping on a minimum order of 10 pipettes.


 Pipette Decontamination Certificate  Pipette Service Form  Gilson Pipette Spare Parts Guide

Free Shipping on a minimum of 10 pipettes: what do you need to do?

Please contact us at pipetteservice@mandel.ca to get your Reference Number and our FedEx account number for shipment of your 10 pipettes.

Once you have a Reference Number, please follow the below instructions.

  1. Complete our Pipette Service Form above
  2. Complete our Pipette Decontamination Certificate above
  3. Select FedEx Standard Overnight service as the courier
  4. Use Mandel's FedEx account number
  5. Mandel has insurance coverage (No Value to declare)
  6. Indicate your Reference Number on the package
  7. Attention “Pipette Department”

Got a Question?

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