AttractSPE™ Disks are the best alternative products to 3M Empore disk for Solid Phase Extraction!

AttractSPE™ Disks are Solid Phase Extraction Disks for the extractions of a broad range of contaminants. AttractSPE™ is a thin and uniform PTFE (Teflon)-based SPE disk for retention of targeted analytes without any breakthrough. Despite its thinness, AttractSPE™ Disks  remain dense and resistant with a very good hold during your sample analysis.

AttractSPE™ Disks have been diversified in two very different fields requiring their own specifications: Environment and Biomolecular analysis.
AttractSPE™ Disks Environment make possible the loading of large water volume thanks to a fast flow rate and a high surface area of exchange. Thanks to the PTFE structure, our innovative SPE disks allow the best interactions with analytes and a maximal flow rates without any channeling. Attract™SPE Disks Environment reduce extraction time while loading high volume of water. A high enrichment is obtained by our SPE disks with excellent recoveries (>90%). AttractSPE™ Disks Environment is also the perfect membrane to use for the passive sampler Chemcatcher thanks to a very good hold and ease to use. AFFINISEP supplies a wide variety of sorbents such as HLB, C18, SDB-RPS, SDB-XC, Anion and cation exchanges.
AttractSPE™Disks BioMol is dense and uniform membranes allowing peptides purification and desalting for tiny volume of samples. Thanks to the elasticity brought by PTFE structure, AttractSPE™Disks BioMol is the perfect toolbox to develop your own specific formats for High throughput and automatized screening, for instance to make Stagetips by punching the membranes. AFFINISEP supplies a wide variety of sorbents such as C18, RPS, SDB, SCX and SAX.
AttractSPE™ Disks are available with 25, 47 or 90mm diameter. For other formats, please contact us.


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