Dedicated Single Detector GC

The GC 8 is a single inlet, single detector, gas chromatograph. It's very simple yet robust design makes it perfect for a teaching lab or for a dedicated application in a QC environment. Its all metal construction provides for a GC that is very rugged and can easily withstand the rigors of an industrial QC setting. This system offers a choice of three packed column detectors: FID, ECD or TCD.

  • Simple design with emphasis on functionality
  • Tough and strong diecast frame
  • Reliability backed by years of experience
  • Self-diagnostic monitor / thermometer for easy maintenance
  • Accommodates a range of stable, high-sensitivity detectors (TCD, FID, ECD, FPD)
  • Easy-to-use digital settings
  • Comprehensive accessories

Column Oven

Large-capacity, cubic oven
Almost cubic in shape, the column oven opens entirely at the front, making changing columns simple and easy. The column oven's door opens and closes by a simple one-touch operation. The lightweight door moves extremely smoothly.

Two-stage overheat prevention for protection of columns
If the temperature exceeds the programmed (preset) temperature by 30°C, the heater will be automatically turned off. If the temperature reaches about 420°C, the heater will be automatically turned off.

Temperature control offers excellent stability and response
Excellent temperature control of the column oven is essential for a gas chromatograph. Fig. 2 shows the response and stability when the column oven's temperature setting is changed from 100°C to 101°C. It shows that the oven responds rapidly to a changed temperature setting and is able to immediately achieve stable temperature control.

Rapid heating and cooling characteristics
Rapid heating and cooling characteristics of the column oven are also important for a gas chromatograph. Fig. 4 shows that heating from 100°C to 350°C requires just 12 minutes, while cooling takes less than one minute and re-stabilizing at the initial temperature takes about three minutes.

Sample Injection Ports

Easy-to-use on-column sample injection ports
The standard injection ports are on-column type. Since sample solution is directly injected into the head of a glass column, the decomposition and adsorption of sample components are minimized.

Capillary column adapter
Adding the optional CLH-800 capillary column holder allows simple mounting of the capillary column for both split and splitless sample injection.
Thermal Conductivity Detector (GC-8AIT, GC-8APT) Detectors


Thermal Conductivity Detector (GC-8AIT, GC-8APT)

Highly stable and sensitive filaments
The rhenium-tungsten filaments, each of which has a resistance of 100Ω, ensure the highest sensitivity and stability.

Constant current system
The bridge current is kept constant even when the detector temperature is changed. It is not necessary therefore to readjust the current after the detector temperature is stabilized.

Filament protection
If some air should flow into the TCD cell, for example, at the time of column replacement, the bridge current will automatically be turned off and the warning lamp will be lit. Flame Ionization Detector (GC-8AIF, GC-8APF)

Flame Ionization Detector (GC-8AIF, GC-8APF)

Cylindrical collector
Combustion gases from the hydrogen flame pass from the nozzle straight through the cylindrical collector to be discharged externally. This reduces contamination of the detector to extremely low levels.

On-detector system
The dead space is eliminated at the connection of the column and the detector. Excellent repeatability is provided even in analysis of trace components. External igniter The flame igniter is mounted external to the detector to significantly reduce wire damage due to corrosive combustion components and to make replacement of the igniter filament cheap and simple.

Electron Capture Detector (GC-8AIE)

Linear ECD with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range
The constant-current ECD maintains a constant current flow in the detector. It offers excellent performance of a linear dynamic range of 10,000 and 0.2 pg (Υ-BHC) minimum limit of detection, and greatly restricts peak abnormalities such as negative peaks.

Switchable detector current
The standing current flowing in the detector can be switched in three stages for convenient analysis of samples across a wide concentration range.

Comprehensive contamination countermeasures
The system features a programmed heating system to prevent detector contamination (column oven heating starts only after the detector reaches the set temperature) and a purge system to maintain carrier gas purging and keep the detector in standby status even when the detector is not being used for analysis.

Purge flow line reduces stabilization time
The purge flow line allows purging of the interior of the detector by carrier gas when the detector remains mounted in the gas chromatograph but is not used.
This prevents oxidation by oxygen in the air and ensures stable operation the next time the detector is used.

Flame Photometric Detector (GC-8APFp)

The FPD cell is designed so that the flame will not be extinguished by a solvent overload.

FID monitor electrode
The FID monitor electrode in the detector permits extraction of the FID signal.
*Requires the FID monitor kit (Special Accessory: P/N 221-23950-91)

Forced cooling system
To ensure a low noise level and long service life, the photomultiplier tube is kept cool by a blower when the detector is maintained at a high temperature.

Complete safety
The photomultiplier tube is protected against damage from exposure to high light levels by a sensing circuit which cuts power to the tube if anomalous conditions are detected.