Optic-4 Inlet for Gas Chromatography

Optic-4 Inlet for Gas Chromatography

The most powerful Multimode inlet for GC and GCMS systems
The 4th generation of the OPTIC multimode injection system is a versatile accessory for Shimadzu GC and GCMS instruments that extends the application range and detection limits.

Wider application range for gas chromatography

In addition to the standard sampling modes, the programmable OPTIC-4 can be operated as a Large Volume injector, Pyrolysis or Thermal Desorption introduction system. DMI (Difficult Matrix Introduction) is another option where a µ volume inlet liner is filled with a dirty or complex sample. Then the liner is introduced into the OPTIC-4. As it heats, compounds reach their boiling point and move from the liner cup and on to the GC column. The high molecular weight and non-volatile compounds remain in the liner cup and thus do not contaminate the inlet system or column.

Improved detection limits

By using the OPTIC-4 Injector as a cool on-column injection system, compounds that normally degrade in hot injectors, e.g. thermal labile pesticides, can be analyzed without difficulties. Analysis of low boiling point compounds are performed with precise and reproducible results. The temperature range of the OPTIC-4 is +10°C above RT to 600°C (-180°C or -50°C to 600°C by adding the injector cooling option with direct LN2 or CO2 cooling, respectively).

Large-volume injections improve the detection limits and can be used in all application areas where sensitivity is crucial, e.g. in environmental or food analysis. The unique solvent monitor enables easy method development for large-volume injections.