Mediafill Dispensing and Pouring System

Mediafill Dispensing and Pouring System

A dispensing and pouring system for automated dosing and filling of microbiological culture media in petri dishes with diameters of 35, 60, 70 and 90 mm, as well as for Bi-plates and Tri-plates and for the automatic metering of liquid media into test tubes. Depending on requirements, there are three carousel sizes for 220, 440 or 660 Petri dishes. The system is simple and intuitive to operate. For example, the dimensions of the Petri dishes being used can be called up from the database via the 5.7″ display. Sterile automatic dispensing is performed precisely via an integrated peristaltic pump. Having a range of options, the Systec Mediafill can be configured ideally for the most diverse of applications.


Standard Features

  • 5.7" touch display - simple and intuitive operation
  • One-touch Petri dish selection - integrated database for pre-programmed Petri dish dimensions
  • Unsupervised, fully automatic process - filling and stacking without user intervention
  • Smooth and quiet operation - noise emission reduced to a minimum
  • Smooth aluminium surfaces - easy to clean, no holes or joints in which deposits of the medium can remain
  • Three stacking carousel heights available - for up to 220, 440 and 660 Petri dishes
  • EasyStack - the stacking carousel can be fully removed from the Systec Mediafill
  • Integrated peristaltic pump (main pump) - for the precise dispensing of media
  • DropStop™ function - prevents uncontrolled bleeding at the filling port
  • Shaker function - optimum distribution of the media in the Petri dishes
  • UV lamp with 2.3 W UVC light emission - reduces the risk of contamination
  • Manual filling function - either via foot switch or via timer


  • Ink jet printer for labelling the Petri dish side
  • A second integrated pump for the addition of additives immediately prior to dispensing
  • Tube filler, up to 4 racks possible, for filling test tubes with diameters of 13, 16, 20, 25 and 30 mm
  • Cable connection Systec Mediafill > Systec Mediaprep printer for documentation
  • Pager function - automatic message from the System Mediafill to the user when intervention is necessary
  • Option for filling bi-plates and tri-plates
  • Peltier cooling unit for rapid agar solidification and minimizing condensation


Systec Mediafill with Systec MediaprepFully automatic, safe and efficient

The Systec Mediafill Plate Pourer is the perfect companion to the popular Systec Mediaprep line of automated media sterilizers. Connect Systec Mediafill to Systec Mediaprep and you have a completely closed and sterile walk-away system for media preparation and plate pouring.

Automatic pouring of 90mm, 60mm and 35mm petri dishes, bi-plates und tri-plates

The Systec Mediafill can automatically pour 90mm, 60mm and 35mm diameter dishes and can accommodate up to 26mm deep dishes, with a processing rate of 900 plates per hour. The Systec Mediafill provides valuable time savings with reliable efficiency.
*other diameters on request

Note: To make sure that the Petri dishes (single, bi-plates, tri-plates) of your choice are suitable for the application with the Systec Mediafill, we would request you to send us the Petri dishes for testing in advance. In this case please inform the Systec sales department about your intention. We will test your Petri dishes with the Systec Mediafill and inform you about the result as soon as possible.

Systec Mediafill with biplatesSystec Triplates

Systec Mediafill StacksThree different carousel sizes available

Three different carousel sizes are available: 220, 440 and 660 plates. All carousels have the EasyStack™ feature which allows users to load and unload a carousel full of plates. Systec Mediafill StacksTransferring filled dishes is now fast and easy; after pouring is completed, simply remove the carousel with filled dishes and replace with a second carousel full of empty dishes.

Systec Mediafill operation via touch screenEasy operation via intuitive touch screen

The Systec Mediafill is controlled via an intuitive touch screen interface and includes a database of Petri dish brands to insure reliable operation with your dish supplier of choice.

Integrated peristaltic pump
The integrated peristaltic pump insures precise filling of media, a second pump is available for simultaneous dispensing of blood or other additives. Both pumps feature DropStop control which prevents dripping of media between dish dispensing. With the Pump back function: in the event of malfunctions, the medium is pumped back to prevent gelling in the tube.

The Systec Mediafill also utilizes a UV lamp with 2.3 W UVC light emission ensuring sterile dispensing of media.

Systec Mediafill petri dish fillingSilent, accurate and precise operation
The Systec Mediafill is manufactured with a frictionless ring and stepper motors for silent and precise operation. The smooth aluminum surface is easy to clean with no holes or gaps where media can flow into. Shaft seals are installed on every moving axis to avoid media penetration into the internal components of the machine.

Systec Mediafill tube fillerTube-Filler
Furthermore, the Systec Mediafill can be converted into a tube filler using the same vessel and little effort. This automatic system can be fitted with up to 4 racks and processes test tubes with diameters of 13, 16, 20, 25 and 30 mm. Racks with test tubes of different diameters can be filled simply and efficiently in one work sequence.

Operation via Touch-Screen

The Systec Mediafill is controlled via an intuitive 5,7” touch screen interface and includes a database of Petri dish brands to insure reliable operation with your dish supplier of choice. Choose your brand and plate size to ensure precise operation.


Stack 220

Stack 440 Stack 660

Length (mm)

683 - - -

Width (mm)

662 - - -

Height (mm)

348 - - -

Diameter (mm)

- 566 566 566

Overall height (mm)

- 730 1094 1444

Max. stack height for Petri dishes (mm)

- 345 682 1030

Petri dish diameter (mm)

- 90 90 90

Petri dish height (mm)

- 12-26 12-26 12-26

Capacity (Petri dish height 16,5 mm)

- 220 440 66
Weight (kg)


37.5 - - -

Stacker (without Petri dishes)

- 6.9 6.9 14.3

Additives pump (optional)

0.5 - - -

Peltier cooling (optional)

1.7 - - -

Technical modifications reserved.