CryoCube F570 Freezer. 5 compartments 120V/60Hz, US with 15 side-access aluminum racks and 5 year full warranty (parts and labor)



Benefit from sustainable cold storage combined with safe sample storage.

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The Eppendorf CryoCube F570 series of ULT freezers (also known as ultra-low temperature freezer/-80 °C freezer) is based on a strong compressor for fast recovery to -80 °C after opening.

As this class of freezer is often used as real-lab freezer, multiple openings per day are normal – a dynamic and strong cooling system is mandatory for fast recovery to -80 °C after every opening. Provide your valuable samples a safe and cold location.

The freezer minimizes operating costs while providing superior protection for your critical samples. A combined insulation based on vacuum insulation panels and polyurethane foam enables extremely low energy consumption during long-term storage ("h" versions).

Benefit from sustainable cold storage combined with safe sample storage.

How can I choose the right ULT freezer in a 500 – 600 L/400 freezer box scale for my lab?

The Eppendorf CryoCube F570 series offers a 5-compartment layout and 5 insulated inner doors for easy sample access and safe sample storage at -80°C. The walls are 130 mm thick based on foam and vacuum insulation panels (for the “h” version).

The ULT freezer has a volume of 570 L (20.1 cubic feet) and a temperature range from -50°C to -86°C. The CryoCube F570 series is based on three different freezer models:

CryoCube F570n:

  • 130 mm wall (polyurethane insulation)
  • "Green" cooling liquids (R290/ R170)
  • Air-cooling

CryoCube F570h:

  • 130 mm wall (polyurethane insulation and vacuum insulation panels)
  • "Green" cooling liquids (R290/ R170)
  • Air-cooling

CryoCube F570hw:

  • 130 mm wall (polyurethane insulation and vacuum insulation panels)
  • "Green" cooling liquids (R290/ R170) for 230 V
  • Water-cooling

Worried about your sample safety?

The most important aspect of long-term sample storage is safety. The CryoCube F570 series of freezers is equipped with reliable heavy-duty compressors (2-stage cascade cooling system). Quick pull-down times enable fast re-use after cleaning/defrosting of the instrument. The freezers have short recovery times after opening to provide extra sample safety (Door-Open-Recovery/DOR) when getting back to -80 °C.

The temperature range of this ULT freezer series is from -50 °C to -86 °C. Most users put the set point to -80 °C.

The automatic vent port enables fast re-access if needed.

For even higher sample safety, the ULT freezers can be equipped with CO2/LN2 back-up systems and a chart recorder. Temperature monitor systems can be used to monitor the freezers remotely.

Burdened by unsorted boxes cluttering your freezer?

Make your scientific life easier: Store your freezer storage boxes within organized freezer racks. The CryoCube F570 series offers a 5-compartment model as a standard. The compartments can be height-adapted if necessary. A maximum of 25 freezer racks can be stored (5 racks per compartment). The racks can be filled with 4 boxes per drawer/layer, resulting in a maximum storage of 400 freezer boxes (53 mm/2 in) which can be stored in this ULT freezer.

You can choose between metal racks made of aluminum or stainless steel. Decide if you prefer side access or drawer racks.

Additionally, you might think about a sample management solution beyond sample location documentation by paper or spreadsheet. Check out Eppendorf eLABInventory softwareCryoCube® F570 Series

Which factors influence the sustainability of a freezer?

Sustainability for ULT freezers is a challenge: Maintaining extremely low temperatures of -80 °C or even -86 °C for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week requires energy.

The stored samples need to be safe: When the freezer door has been opened, you expect a fast recovery back to -80 °C. Efficient cooling requires energy as well as powerful compressor systems.

There are multiple factors influencing the energy consumption of a lab freezer for ultra-low temperatures:

  • Thickness of insulation
  • Type of insulation
  • Type of cooling liquids
  • Efficiency of compressors
  • Control of compressor
  • Pressure in cooling system
  • Style of cooling loops (diameter, length, density, etc.)
  • Sealings of outer door
  • Sealings of inner doors
  • Insulation of inner doors
  • Insulation of outer doorCryoCube® F570 Series


Eppendorf constantly validates and improves production processes for a better sustainability footprint.

  • Production moved into new building with state-of-the-art building insulation to save heating energy and power
  • 100% renewable energy in production facility
  • Heat output during final individual unit testing discharges building heating system
  • Plastic and cardboard compactors introduced and waste rebate system in place
  • Local requirements for waste management (collection of electronic waste like circuit boards, recycling via authorized recycling organizations) and internal guidelines
  • Experience in usage of green cooling liquids in Eppendorf ULT freezers for more than 12 years
  • Packaging parts have increasing share of recycled origin, the cardboard is made of up to 70 % recycled material
  • Packaging is more than 99 % recyclable (wood, cardboard, PE-foil)
  • REACH + RoHS compliant
  • ENERGY STAR® partner
  • ACT/ My Green Lab partner
  • Shipment of freezers by cargo ship to reduce CO2 footprint

External validation and certification

By following the epGreen concept, the Eppendorf freezer R&D team developed intelligent solutions where energy savings are combined with durable long-lasting product quality and ergonomic aspects. By using highly efficient technologies, the CryoCube F570h lab freezer has a very low power consumption value. This future-oriented instrument class provides consumption levels which are ahead of most competitors within this volume class.

Performance data are based on an external validation agency where three units of the freezer model are tested.

Additionally, the CryoCube F570h and the F570n are certified by the ACT label of My Green Lab as well as by ENERGY STAR®.

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