Xplorer plus Move It, 8-CH, 50-1,200µL

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Eppendorf redefined adjustable tip spacing multichannel pipettes from scratch according to their premium standards. Move It is the result of customer requests for an efficient and safe solution for synchronous pipetting of a series of samples between different vessel formats, such as between tubes and plates.

Maximize Efficiency

Easy and fast format change
Often, single channel pipettes are used for multiple sample transfer from one vessel type to another. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially when throughput increases.

Multiple sample transfers between different vessel types and formats become possible with the new Move It pipettes. Instead of pipetting many times, four to twelve samples can now be moved simultaneously. This not only saves you valuable time, it further increases the reproducibility of your results.

Defined settings for quick switches
Switching between source and destination vessels made simple by using the spacing control. These pipettes can easily be adjusted manually with pre-defined settings for different plate formats. All you have to do is to set the spacing control to 384, 96, 48, 24 or 12-well plates using the indicated scale. This enables quick switches back and forth, between two formats, by manually operating the adjustment knob.

Example applications

  • Blood analysis
  • FACS analysis
  • Cell Based Assays
  • Cell Culture
  • PCR
  • Mouse genotyping

Optimal balance for a relaxed hand
Need a break? With a natural and relaxed hand position the demand for a break decreases. Move It pipettes reduce hand fatigue to a minimum. This is achieved by an optimized balance of the pipette. The user also benefits from convenient visibility of tips and samples. Enjoy a stress-free operation the whole day long.

Rotatable pipette head – 360°
All Move It pipettes are designed without the need of tubing. Thus, the pipette head is completely rotatable. The user benefits from comfortable readability of the display. This not only supports an ergonomic and relaxed body posture, it also ensures fast identification of all parameters; saving you valuable time.

Safe Sample Transfer

Tubeless system ensures reliability and reproducible results. The piston cylinder system is directly connected to the nose cone. The user therefore benefits from special advantages:

  • Lack of heat transfer to air-cushion from motor or hand – for stable temperature for higher precision and reproducibility
  • Easy autoclavability* – for reduced contamination risk
  • Lack of possible cable tangle and tubing-porosity – for consistently reliable robustness and precision
  • Less maintenance requirements compared to pipettes with tubing system

Adjustment knob for smooth liquid transfer Since no motor is used, format changes don´t cause vibrations; enabling liquid transfers without the risk of dripping.

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