Lancer Ultima 815 LX Fully Automatic Glassware Washer/Dryer Racks Sold Separately. Two independent wash levels with automatic rack connection; Heating Element and blower provides drying in the chamber; 3.5" colour touchscreen interface - Prolux PLC Contro


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The 815 LX offers direct injection washing on two levels, and fits under standard casework to meet the budget and space requirements of many laboratories. The racks are interchangeable among the 810 LX, 815 LX, and 820 LX models of Getinge Lancer Ultima Undercounter Washers, and the 910 LX, 1300 LX and 1800 LXA models of Getinge Lancer Ultima Freestanding Washers, which limits the need for additional loading equipment when expanding the capacity of your lab.

The 815 LX features chamber drying capabilities, wherein forced air is blown into the chamber for quicker drying of processed glassware. The 815 LX individually connects each rack to the hydraulic circuit for two-level washing.

Optimize cleaning performance
The Laboratory Undercounter Washer/Dryers are designed for optimal cleaning performance in space-limited laboratories. The hydraulic systems deliver a direct fluid path to each individual rack, maximizing water flow and pressure.

Ensure consistent pressure and flow
A tight connection to the hydraulic circuit ensures consistent water pressure and flow on each wash level. Injector rack connections are strategically located in the rear of the chamber. The door pushes the racks against the circuit to form a secure connection.

Complete water coverage for comprehensive cleaning
Get complete coverage of both the exterior and interior of your laboratory glassware. Pressurized top and bottom stainless steel spray arms combine with injector washing on two levels for a comprehensive clean.

Minimize environmental impact
Maximize cleaning performance while minimizing costs and environmental impact. Peristaltic pumps deliver accurate dosing of detergent and acid. Optional conductivity measurement ensures consistent processing with no chemical residues on processed goods.

Ergonomic and efficient loading
The Undercounter Laboratory Washer/Dryers make the best use of your valuable laboratory space. Efficient use of chamber space maximizes throughput with a minimal footprint and operating cost. The range allows washing on multiple levels, each connected to the hydraulic circuit. Telescopic runners support high density loading. When combined with a drop-down door, these features allow for ergonomically friendly loading without removing racks from the chamber.

One-touch efficiency
Improve reprocessing efficiency with preset and custom cycles. Five preset programs cover the most common routine cleaning applications; these can easily be started with one touch on the icon-based user interface.

Cycle parameters can be adjusted and customized to deliver up to 35 custom cycles to meet specific process needs. Different password levels are required for custom programming.

Documented performance
Documentation plays a critical role in laboratory quality control. With Lancer Ultima, a control system monitors several parameters throughout the cycle. The interface will display an alarm, stopping processes if parameters go outside the pre-set limits. A digital pdf printout provides cleaning process documentation including cycle parameters, cycle number, date and time, phase duration, temperature for each phase, and detergent/acid intake.

Efficient operations
User-friendly interfaces ensure easy and efficient performance. Screen menus and graphic user interfaces simplify setup and operations, making it easy to identify active programs, remaining time, warnings, alarms and cycle complete notifications. The interface also includes functions to simplify calibration and other qualification tasks.

High-quality construction for a long-term investment
The Undercounter Laboratory Washer/Dryers have high-quality construction to maximize uptime and improve laboratory efficiency. The sump, interior chamber, door and spray arms are constructed of high-grade stainless steel which resists aggressive laboratory chemicals and residues.

Within the chamber, a dual-filter system protects the main pump from debris that could cause damage and costly downtime. The exterior is fully enclosed in stainless steel to resist corrosion, simplify cleaning, and protect plumbing and electrical components. An insulated chamber and door confines heat loss and provide retention of heat to minimize energy consumption. The sump design and direct fluid path reduce the water volume needed per fill, minimizing overall consumption of water and chemicals.

Exterior dimensions (WxHxD)609 x 850 x 739 mm (24” x 33.5” x 29.1”)
Chamber dimensions (WxHxD)535 x 498 x 520 mm (21.1” x 19.6” x 20.5”)
Chamber volume140 L (4.9 cu.ft.)
Weight85 kg (187 lbs.)
Sound level≤ 60 dB(A)
Washing levels2
Human InterfaceColour touch screen 3.5”
ControllerPROLUX - 40 programs
DryingChamber drying
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