PHCBI CO2 Incubator, 165L (5.8 cu.ft.), Cell IQ, Touch Panel, IR sensor; Temperature range: Ambient + 5°C to 50°C; Temp uniformtiy: +/- 0.25°C; CO2 range: 0-20%; inCu-saFe interior with SafeCell UV Lamp, 115V,

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The PHCbi Cell-IQ CO2 incubator design and touchscreen panel deliver exceptional ease of use, effortless cleaning and maintenance as well as outstanding performance with multilevel contamination control.

The MCO-170AICUVL-PA laboratory incubator is designed for demanding and regulated applications in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical research and clinical laboratory applications. The Cell-IQ CO2 incubator offers the ideal environment for all your research needs. The MCO-170AICUVL-PA unit includes a touchscreen control panel that delivers improved usability, an optimized interior structure with technology for rapid cleaning, and a proprietary infrared sensor for stabilizing temperature, CO2 and humidity levels.

Uniform and Consistent Environment

The patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket system, IR2 sensor, SafeCell™ UV and inCu-saFe® work together to ensure precise temperature, CO2 levels and contamination control respectively for a precise and repeatable environment.

Rapid CO2 Recovery with IR2 Sensor

Proprietary IR2 sensor provides superior CO2 control with fast recovery without overshoot even following multiple door openings.

Time Saving Decontamination

An optional high speed decontamination system uses hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) vapor to clean the incubator chamber in under three hours. The system safely and efficiently decontaminates with a 100% kill rate with at least a six log reduction of major contaminants.

Contamination Control with SafeCell UV and InCu-saFe

PHCbi's inCu-saFe combines the germicidal properties of elemental copper with the corrosion and discoloration resistance of stainless steel to deliver passive contamination control throughout the chamber interior. The SafeCell UV lamp provides safe, active and passive contamination control of circulated air and the humidity water reservoir. SafeCell scrubs and decontaminates circulated chamber air without affecting cell cultures in situ.

Colour LCD Display

The high contrast colour LCD display allows for easy, touchscreen programming of temperature, CO2 and other internal conditions of your incubator even with gloved hands.

USB Log Function for Data Transfer and Storage

A standard USB port simplifies the storage or transfer of logged data.

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS 24.4" W x 28.7" D x 35.6" H (620 x 730 x 905 mm)
INTERIOR DIMENSIONS 19.3" W x 20.6" D x 26.2" H (490 x 523 x 665 mm)
INTERIOR VOLUME 5.8 cu.ft. (165 L)
DATA ACQUISITION Optional analogue on cloud-based monitoring
OUTER DOOR Painted steel
SHELVES 18.5" x 17.7" (470 x 450 mm)
ACCESS PORT 1: Back side (1.2" (30 mm) diameter)
INSULATION Extruded polystyrene foam
AIR FILTER 0.3 um, Efficiency: 99.97 % or higher
UV LAMP 4W x 1 (ozone-free emission)
NET WEIGHT 176 lbs (80 kg)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE Ambient temperature +º5C to +50ºC
TEMPERATURE UNIFORMITY ±0.25ºC (ambient temperature: 23ºC, setting: 37ºC, CO2: 5 %, no load)
CO2 GAS CONNECTION 0.157 inch to 0.36 inch (4 mm to 6 mm) diameter tube can be connected
CO2 GAS PRESSURE 0.03 MPa(G) (0.3kgf/cm2(G),4.3 psi(G))
CO2 VARIATION ±0.15% (ambient temperature: 23ºC, setting: 37ºC, CO2: 5%, no load)
CO2 SENSOR TYPE Dual filter infrared sensor
DECONTAMINATION METHODS SafeCell ultraviolet light. Optional hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) vapour
CONTAMINATION CONTROLS InCu-SaFe copper enriched stainless steel interior and shelves, SafeCell UV light
DISPLAY LCD touchscreen
HEATING SYSTEM Direct Heat and Air Jacket System
HUMIDIFYING SYSTEM Natural evaporation with humidifying pan, 95 %R.H.±5 %R.H.
INTERIOR SURFACES InCu-saFe stainless steel with copper enriched alloy

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