Wed, Nov 18, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Reducing your GC analysis times allows you to perform more runs per day, increasing lab productivity.

Being able to accomplish this increase on your existing GCs maximizes your investment on these instruments. In this webinar, Jaap de Zeeuw will share with you various ways you can speed up your GC, from optimizing column dimensions to changing your carrier gas to fine-tuning your method parameters.

  • Optimize GC parameters with the Pro EZGC chromatogram modeler for a shorter analysis with the same separation.
  • Understand the use of carrier gas velocity and faster temperature programs for speeding up your analyses.
  • Learn about the impacts of narrow-bore columns on your GC separations and run time.

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Jaap de Zeeuw, Gas Chromatography Specialist

Jaap is a world-renowned chromatographer with over 40 years of experience, including 27 years with Varian/Chrompack focusing on industrial analysis challenges. For his 1979 graduation from The Institute for Higher Education, specialized in chemistry, Jaap authored a paper titled "The Challenge of Coating Flexible Fused Silica Capillary Columns" and has since distinguished himself as an authority on the subject. Directly involved with the creation of numerous chemically bonded columns, including the first bonded PEG column and the stabilized PLOT columns widely used in the petrochemical arena, Restek’s international GC specialist has helped develop new techniques, such as fast GC-MS using vacuum GC technology, and has filed two patents for his work. Based out of the Netherlands, Jaap celebrates 10 years with Restek. Jaap is extensively published and regularly travels internationally to share his knowledge.