GCsolution Software

GCsolution Software

GCsolution is the GC version of Shimadzu's new workstation LabSolutions. GCsolution offers easy operation with Assistant bar, Data explorer, and Batch table wizard. For GLP/GMP regulatory compliance, user management functions, validation assistant, audit trail assistant, and QA/QC function are provided as standard features. Flexible report generator allows user to create report as desired.

Multi function compatible with easy operation

The assistant bar navigates the user through the operations. Even novices can easily execute analysis and reanalysis by just clicking on the icons in order.

The data explorer classifies files and displays them in list format. Intuitive file operation is possible using the double-click and drag-and-drop functions of the mouse.

Batch tables for consecutive analysis of multiple analytes can be easily created using a wizard. Just obey the wizard and input the necessary items to be able to create a batch table vital for multi point calibration curves and repeat analysis.

Equipped with GLP/GMP assistant functions

User management functions

This function is prepared with a default for the system administrator, device administrator, method developer and operator as the user affiliated group. The group can be added to and edited in order to provide a security structure that meets the customer's business format.

Validation assistant

fully supports the self-diagnosis function of the GC-2010. Effective analysis is supported by periodic checks of GC status. The software also is equipped with a software validation function that utilizes an falsification check.

As audit trail

The changing history and reasons for device parameters and data processing parameters can be saved to enable traceability checks of consecutive analysis results. Also, the data acquisition method and latest method are saved in the data file to enable the return of data to the status directly after analysis.

As QA/QC function,

pass and failure judgments can be made based on checks of repeatability of element concentrations, recovery percentage and upper and lower limits of concentration. Also, analysis can be halted using the pass and failure judgment during batch analysis.

All the information is loaded into a single file (the all in one file) configuration. Analysis parameters during data acquisition and environment setting parameters, etc., can be clearly saved and retrieved for reference. In the case of data processing parameters, the original parameters at the time of data collection and the parameters at the time of final analysis are both saved.

Report creation function offering high flexibility


The hyper report function supports high flexibility in report creation. Items like chromatograms and peak tables can be pasted in and freely edited, while the created report format can be saved as a template.